Motor Brands

Technodrives DC Motors – 0.18kW – 11kW

Creusen is sold in the UK as Technodrives (Technodrives is a Transdrive Company)

A comprehensive range of standard permanent magnet and shunt wound dc motors manufactured in accordance with IEC standards, and are available in outputs from 0.18kW to 11kW.

The entire range is characterised by a high degree of flexibility with motors being quickly adapted with brakes, tacho generators, and independent forced cooling or with a combination of these items. Standard motors are available ex-stock with options having a lead-time of hours. If required development of completely new motors to customer specifications is possible with small batch sizes and short lead times.

Key Features

  • 0.18Kw – 11kW
  • 1600 series wound field speed range – 10:1 against constant torque
  • 1600 series permanent magnet speed range – 20:1 against constant torque
  • 1600 series with independent forced cooling speed range – 50:1 against constant torque
  • 1800 series permanent magnet speed range – 100:1 against constant torque
  • Low voltage available 12v – 48vIP54 as standard IP55 as an option
  • Form factor 1.6 or where used with armature ckoke as specified form factor 1.05
  • Option of extended non-drive end allows the stock modification of adding brakes, and tachogenerators.
  • Foot and flange mounted B35 or foot mounted B3
  • Foot and ‘C’ face B34 available as option details on request

LSK DC Motors

Compact design with high power / weight ratio. overload capacity (for belts transmission).

Key Features

  • Power Rating 4.7kW to 517 kW
  • Ex-Stock Immediate Dispatch (subject to remaining unsold)
  • Can be supplied 24hours 7days per week (subject to carrier and stacker truck availability)
  • frame size 112 to 280
  • IP23S Drip Proof
  • S1 Duty
  • PTC Thermistors
  • IC06 Forced Vent Cooling with Standard Polyester Filter
  • Class H Insulation
  • 3-Phase Full Bridge Supply
  • Terminal Box Right Hand Side
  • Force Vent Top
  • Tacho Provision REO444 Type (tacho can be supplied ex-stock see tacho pages for specification)
  • Mounting: 112 – 160 Frame IM2001 B35 Foot and Flange
  • Mounting: 180 – 280 Frame IM1001 B3 Foot Mounted

Conditions of Use

  • ambient temperature within the range
  • + 5 and + 40°C
  • altitude less than 1000 m
  • atmospheric pressure : 1050 mbar
  • absolute humidity between 5 and 23 g/m3
  • ambient air chemically neutral and dust-free
  • current range from 50 to 100 % of IN in continuous operation and higher in transient operation.

Baldor DC Motors

Baldor manufactures a wide range of permanent magnet and would field DC industrial motors from 15kW to 550kW.

All of our DC motors are covered by applicable UL, CSA and CE approvals and a warranty you would expect from a World-Class manufacturer.

Our motors are avialable in IEC and NEMA frame, with a full range of IEC motors available from stock. The motors are complements by our range of DC Drives.

Our NEMA frame DC motors include permanent magnet designs through 5 HP and wound field designs through 500 HP designed for adjustable speed operation from SCR controls. Applications include conveyors, extruders, winders, printing presses and metering pumps. Most designs are constructed so a tachometer may be added for closed loop applications. Permanent magnet and wound field designs for 90 or 180 VDC have a 20:1 constant torque speed range.

Brook Crompton DC Motors - Formerly Known as Bull & ElectroDrives

The DC range of motors covers products with outputs from as little as 0.06kW up to 750kW in frame sizes 63 to 355.

Its products are in service across the world in most applications and industries which benefit from the high performance of dc drives, such as mechanical handling, elevators, steel mills, pulp and paper, printing, wire drawing, plastics manufacturing, test equipment and exercise machinery.

Key Features

  • Class H materials but class F temperature rise.
  • Wide speed range, typically 100:1 (IC06 & IC410) and 20:1 (IC01 & IC411)
  • Armatures designed to reduce low speed pulsations.
  • Choice of enclosure IP20 – IP55. Wide range of specifications.
  • Brushwear detection option on MKIII range.


Consolidated Magnetic design, appreciated for quality and robustness of the solutions, MM/MAG Series presents d.c. current, square laminated stator motor, characterized by a high power/size ratio. Proposed with F over temperature class, they are produced with over temperature class H on almost all materials, to guarantee reliability and long life.

MAG series is executed with compensating windings for constant power variable speed applications. Available options are: different kinds of cooling (axial electro fan, heat exchanger, self ventilation…), predisposition and/or mounting of transducer, predisposition/mounting of electromagnetic emergency/stopping brakes, mechanical customizations (shafts, flanges …) also for reduced order quantities.

General Features

The motors are characterized by square stator, fully laminated,with some interesting features as solidity, compact shape and excellent power/size ratio, one of the highest available on the market.

Typical applications: industrial drives with speed regulation at constant torque.

Power range: from 1 kW up to 150 kW at 2300 rpm.

Standard manufacturing with eight different sizes: 80, 90, 100, 112, 132, 160,180 and 200 shaft heights.

All the motors are provided with four pole excitation, except forsizes 80, 90 and 102 (with two poles only); sizes 180 and 200 are always foreseen with compensator windings.

Standards: Motors MM are manufactured fully in accordance with Italian Standard CEI EN 60034-1 and comply with IEC 34.1, and all the main European standards

T-T Electric

T-T Electric, formerly Thrige Electric, manufactures a comprehensive range of top-quality industrial DC motors, offering cost-effective and innovative solutions for all industrial environments. The modular design of our popular DC motor range offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to the driven machine, and to fit into a restricted space. Our Drop-In solution permits adaptation of footprint, shaft extension and flanges to match dimensions of almost all DC motors, our own range as well as others, new and old, in the market. This, in combination with our short and reliable delivery times, makes T-T Electric DC motor range the right choice also in the retrofit market.

Our LAK 2000, LAK 4000, and LAKC ranges of dc motors can be manufactured as standard from the catalogues or made to your specifications. They are available for shipping seven days after reception of the order.

Product qualities

  • Impregnation class H
  • Insulation material (Krempel)
  • Moulded commutators for stability
  • Double coated copper wires
  • Low-loss laminations
  • Noise dampening cast iron end shields
  • Efficient cooling system
  • High starting torque
  • Low energy